CUBE is a German bicycle manufacturer that produces many types of bike, but is best known for its mountain bikes.


The company was founded in 1993 by the former student Marcus Pürner, who began with an area of 50 m² in his father's furniture factory in Waldershof, Germany. The company has expanded its production area to 20,000 m² and sells to more than 60 countries all over the world.


The current product range consists of various types of mountainbikes, road bikes, cross bikes, triathlon bikes, e-bikes as well as trekking bikes. Ergonomically fitted women´s bikes, bikes for kids, wear and accessories complete the product line-up.

Pilots & Teams

CUBE Action Team: Nicolas Lau, Greg Callaghan, Gusti Wildhaber, André Wagenknecht and Daniel Schemmel.

CUBE Global Squad: Greg Williamson and Matt Walker.

Wanty-Groupe Gobert

Triathlon: Raelert Brothers (Andreas und Michael Raelert), Daniela Sämmler, Svenja Bazlen, Céline Schärer, Malte Bruns

Factory Pilots: Nicole und Lothar Leder, Louis Wolf, Lisa Breckner, Gerd Schönfelder, Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei, Team Strassacker, MHW CUBE Racing Team

Factory Co-Pilots

1. 6 χρόνια στα alloy μόνο στον σκελετό.
2. 3 χρόνια στα carbon μόνο στον σκελετό.
3. Τα εξαρτήματα των ποδηλάτων έχουν 2 χρόνια και καλύπτονται από τον αντιπρόσωπο του αντίστοιχου κατακευαστή.